Fatigue Enhancement Products and Consulting

StressWave provides consulting and product development services to world-wide clients interested in enhancing the longevity of structural components, with analysis, testing, product and tooling development. Our 80+ years of experience in the field give us a unique and wide-ranging perspective on solutions to durability and safety issues. Our own patented fatigue enhancement methods are in use on products today.

Example of StressWave modelOur emphasis is aerospace structure, but the scope of our projects have ranged from the nuclear industry to advanced dental care systems:

Fatigue Enhancement

  • Application of a wide range of fatigue enhancement processes
  • Fatigue testing


  • Analysis of components for residual stress states, distortion, and fatigue performance, using sophisticated post-yield finite element methods with multi-variable optimization

Product Development

  • Development of advanced fastening systems
  • Tooling development